Glenview Blades Coaching Staff


page1image1368Dana Goldstein

Dana’s first steps on the ice were at the Glenview Ice Center! She competed as an individual skater for Glenview, Glenview Blades Synchronized Teams and the Chicago Jazz. Dana has skated in numerous National Championships and she is an International Bronze Medalist. In 2008, Dana started teaching at what she calls her “second home.” She enjoys teaching all levels and hopes that all of her students can fall in love with the sport like she did.


Bethany McHugh

Bethany started her synchronized skating career when she was 10 years old and never looked back. Since then, she has skated for both the Wagon Wheel Starlets and Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, where she earned 8 medals nationally at the Junior, Senior and Collegiate levels. She also competed in many International Championships, including the 2002 Senior World Championships in Rouen, France. Bethany has 11 years of synchronized skating coaching experience at ISI and USFS levels. She was an elementary school teacher for 8 years, but is now enjoying spending time at home with her own children, Addelyn and Logan.

page1image12320Carly Rieger

Carly began her skating career at the Glenview Ice Center at the age of 3. Almost immediately, she fell in love with the sport. Through the years, she competed individually, on the Micro Blade Precision Team at Glenview Ice Center through age 8, and on both the Starlet and Starlights synchronized skating teams through age 18. She competed at the ISI level and Juvenile, Intermediate, and Junior USFS levels earning multiple regional and national medals. Over the past few years, she has taught Basic Skills, Free Skate, and specialty classes at the Glenview Ice Center. This year she joins the Glenview Blades coaching staff. Carly is a member of the Professional Skating Association, Learn to Skate, and US Figure Skating. She is CER Certified and SafeSport trained.

page1image19584Maria Scianna

Maria started skating at the age of five and began her synchronized skating experience with the Jazz Babies precision team at the age of seven. In high school, she competed with the Starlets Junior and Senior level teams before heading to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio where she skated with the Senior Varsity Synchronized Skating Team. Maria has competed nationally and internationally as part of Team USA in Sweden, France and Canada. After receiving her MBA, Maria became a director in the family business she grew up in. This is her 13th year as a Glenview Blades Coach and her 6th year as the Synchronized Skating Coordinator. Maria lives in Bloomingdale with her husband, Jim, and their three children.

Katie Graafsma

Katie has been coaching since she was 15 years old and has been at the Glenview Ice Arena since 2005. She started skating at the age of 4 and joined Starlets at the age of 8. She was also a part of the Starlights Adult team for 4 years. She is a gold medalist in moves in the field. Katie is in her third season coaching the Glenview Blades. Currently, she works as a guidance counselor at a special education therapeutic high school. She currently resides with her husband in Arlington Heights, IL.

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